Party On Rentals definitely understands how to entertain the bigger crowds of people. One way in which to entertain large sum of kids is by having Obstacle Courses. Party on Rentals, has provided Obstacle Courses to a number of events in the Southeast Wisconsin region. We have done Church Festivals, Block Parties, Events For A lot of Schools, and Afterschool Events as well. Including events for Sporting Clubs and even Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts events. We carry a 3 PIECE OBSTACLE COURSE, that definitely aims to please. This has the ability to entertain a lot of Children and young adults. But if your looking for a different style obstacle course we also have the Extreme Rush Obstacle course which is awesome as well. When it comes down to Obstacle courses, they each offer there own benefits, and it’s just a matter of personal preference. But if you ask me there both are AWESOME.