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2024 is a Unique year not only for our business, but the world.  We know that our Company is taking all the right strides into making us successful.  Not Only are we taking strides into making sure we sanitize  our units, but were all bringing in the Newest and Popular units in.  New for 2024,  we brought in several new unitsWe brought in 3 similiar combo units,  one is called the Purple Crush Backyard Castle Combo.  Great Combo unit with a basketball hoop and and Slide.  Another unit with somewhat same style, but unique vibrant colors is the Backyard Blue Crush Combo.  Following the same stlye, but having a little more of a theme is the Tropical Mardi Gras Backyard Combo.   All 3 of these units have basketballl hoop and a slide available without getting out of the unit at all.,  Thats what make these units unique.  Following the themed combo units there is the  Bahama Breeze Combo, this unit gives you that feel that your on an Island on vacation.  If thats not the look you were going for, we have our Lucky Primary Combo 5 N 1.   If you have little girls that are into fantasy, we have a 22 ft Mini Unicorn Combo with Hoop. This is going to be in my mind the most poplular bounce house for those little girls. We did not stop there though for bringing in the new year, we have something for the boys too, for example, the Truck combo and the 5-1 Super  Football Combo.

One of popular units from last year was this Backyard Combo Marble bounce house that is great for both boys and girls.  It has alot of interactive things for those younger kids, but it also has a basketball hoop and slide that would appeal to those kids that are that 3 years old to those who are 10 years old.  Party on Rentals likes to have a huge assortment that appeals to all ages, such as the Castle Slide Combo . This was definetely another one of the more popular ones.   It has the basketball hoop, it has the slide, but it also has a 13 ft by 11 ft of jumping area.  Equally as popular was Backyard Combo Module, this is kind of unique, because it has a slide that keeps its participants in the bounce house, whereas alot of the slide options, exit the ride.  This has a basketball hoop as well, and has about 10 ft x 10 ft of interior jumping space.

Next, we have a several themed Combo theme units, One, is the Circus W/Slide  themed Combo, this is a 15 ft x 15 ft units that includes a basketball hoop and a slide.  Now, for your little Princess, we have just the thing for you, how about our Princess Theme W/Slide. This is great for those little girls that have that great big imagination.  This Combo bounce house has it all, it has the basketball hoop, it has the cool design, but it also has a very unique shape to it.  This is every little girls dream bounce house.  Now, if you are looking for a couple of more bigger units, these two would definitely fit that catagory.  The Sports Theme 5 in 1 Combo and our World of Disney Combo 7.  These are humongous, they have an extreme amount of space with actually two basketball hoops.  They both have a basketball hoops on the inside and the outside.   Along with that, they have interactive pop ups on the inside, and a great big jumping area. These are definetly crowd pleasers.

All pricing based on a 6 Hour time frame
There is an additional $110 fee to cover delivery and set up